Shen's Reading List

A classical painting of an opened book, held up against a row of books in the background.
Still Life with Books by Louis Block. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is my reading list. It is a record of books that I am currently reading, or that I have read. I decided to keep a public reading list so I can better share the books that are on my mind with my friends and correspondents, as well as to help myself keep track of my reading. Reading is very important, to both the practice of Philosophy, as well as the pursuit of a contemplative life. This list is organised chronologically by the calendar week (there being approximately 52 weeks in a year), with the latest (i.e. current) entry on top.


Week 20 (2022-05-16) Current Week

I am currently reading:

Week 19 (2022-05-09)

Week 18 (2022-05-02)

Week 17 (2022-04-25)

Week 16 (2022-04-18)

Week 15 (2022-04-11)

Week 14 (2022-04-04)

(Past entries in 2022 were not recorded)

I try to read at least one book a week, although depending on the length of the work, it may take longer. Consecutive entries of the same work (i.e. across weeks) means I am still reading it. I usually keep two books open with me at any given time, generally a work of non-fiction and a work of fiction. I like alternating between the two as time and circumstance dictates.

I generally do not take notes while I am reading, unless it is for a very dense work, such as Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, or Sartre's Being and Nothingness. My notes for Being and Nothingness are publicly available as a Github repository.

All links to the books are to their canonical English-language Wikipedia page (if available), or otherwise to their publisher's website. There are no affiliate links on this website.

A photo of my bookshelf. There are 6 levels, all filled with books of many genres.
My Bookshelf in 2021. Here's the Full Resolution Version, if you want to zoom in to read the titles! Image Source: Shen.

As of always, if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future reading, please feel free to contact me! I love conversations with interesting strangers, and I would be delighted to have more book recommendations.