Privacy Policy

This website does not use any external analytics (such as Google Analytics). In order for me to find out more about my visitors, I self-host Matomo (Piwik) - an Open Source, GPL-licensed analytics tool.

Your IP addresses are anonymized in order to comply with EU Data Regulations. Specifically, the last two bits are removed (e.g. This allows me to perform some basic geolocation (I have friends from all around the world!), but it only tells me which country you are from, not which city.

We respect your Do Not Track browser preferences, and if it is enabled, no data will be collected about you. If you would like to enable Do Not Track for your browser, you may find out how here. Note that Do Not Track is a browser-wide setting, and it would be applied to all sites that you visit.

Furthermore, you may manually opt-out of tracking, by setting an 'opt out cookie' here. As long as this cookie remains in your browser, no data will be collected about you. You do not need to set this opt-out cookie if your Do Not Track preferences are enabled.

Feel free to contact me via my email, if you have any further questions, or suggestions to how I may improve your privacy.